Design & Research About

Senior Product Designer. Service Designer. Researcher.

Hi! I'm Zunaira, a Senior Designer and researcher currently working at HelloFresh, Berlin. I thrive working in cross-functional product teams across strategy and vision, and facilitating the design thinking process with a collaborative user centric approach.

I previously worked at Samsung as a Senior Designer and my work has been featured on The VergeEngadget & MKBHD

Here are some of my projects


Single Take

A whole new way to capture in multiple modes and effects with a single tap.

UI/UX, AI Algorithm creation, Qualitative Research, Usability Testing


AR Canvas

Bringing more immersive and interactive experiences into your day to day life.

UI UX, New 3D Tool Creation, Scenario Creation, Research



Create cinematic videos using multiple modes

Research, Conceptualisation, Prototype, Storytelling


Galaxy A & M Camera

Creating a unified camera experience across different devices

UI UX, Design, Vendor Partner collaboration, Stakeholder management


Poetry in Stones

Going into the depths of Islamic Calligraphy craft prevalent in Lucknow, India.

Contextual Research, Publication and Book Design, Photography, Illustrations, Book Binding, Screen Printing

Quick Brown Fox Website Redesign


Trip In

Changing the logistics industry one box at a time

UI/UX, Motion, Field Research


Onus on Us

A sarcastic and informative take on Islamophobia

Motion Graphics, Illustration, Narratives, Story boarding

© Zunaira Naqvi 2022

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